Hello and thank you for visiting my online Gallery.

My name is Lyubov Biryukova,
I was born in Alma-Ata, USSR and currently live in Moscow, Russia. I am a professional artist and I paint for a living full time 7 days a week about 11 hours a day and I really love it.  

Every painting I create is like a story of my personal life. Everything that  I feel and live on a  day to day basis pours out in colors on to the canvas.  
I feel very honored to say that my paintings are collected worldwide and the one  thing that makes me feel truly accomplished as an artist is the connection I share with others through my paintings.

In my art I research the theme of identification and self identification, issue of finding or loss of personality, explore the nuances of the human body form in an effort to expose the essence and energy of the people. A like to combine decisive gestural lines with bold applications of layered oils, acryl and other media – these life studies articulate how the process of drawing offers a freedom to examine emotion through gest, brushstroke, texture, detail, and materiality.


Born 1966, Alma-Ata, USSR

Lives and works in Moscow, Russia


Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry (Monumental Decorative Art)


2020 Art space Art Nouveau, Russia


2019 FabrianoIn Acquarello, Italia

2019 IWS 3rd International Watercolor Biennale, Vietnam

2018 Portraits, Gallery 25N New York Worldwide Exhibit, online

2018 International Watercolor Exhibition, Galleria Esdé, Italia

2018 Esdé Christmas Exhibition, Galleria Esdé, Italia

2018 Art Portrait, Art-Play, Russia

2012 Tage der Slawischen Kunst in Berlin, Germany

2011 Russian Art Week, Russia

2010 Russian Art Week, Russia

2009 Mosaic art, Ferrum Design Gallery, Russia

2007 Mosaic art, The Union of artist of Russia

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